Barcelona, Arrasate, Bilbao, Móstoles. October 2023.

Touring with Lukas, Sebastian, and Alexander is like a wild emotional ride even though these guys are seriously the chillest and most lovable dudes I've probably met in this tiny music world.

Making sure everything goes as expected on tour, so the band can rock the stage every night, is great, even when dealing with all the crazy stuff that comes with the rock and roll life.
Traveling without music in the van for hours, if we're not chatting, you'll find them engrossed in their magazines, grooving to their tunes respectfully with headphones. They're not into smartphones so they'll be using their laptops, tackling emails or working on their wine podcast, courtesy of Alexander and his "Wine Manual". The road is filled with tranquil talks, bursts of laughter and peaceful kilometers of silence.

And when it comes to music, they rather play it themselves than blasting something through the stereo. Their live performance is top-notch, rivaled only by a select few in today's music scene. What sets them apart is the remarkable chemistry they bring to the stage, which, in my opinion, is the secret to their success. Their skills in both interpreting and composing music are off the charts. They absolutely kill it.

After every gig, tons of folks show up to thank them for the epic show, including old pals and fans they pick up wherever they roll, because The Movement just leaves their rock and roll magic in the hearts of anyone who jams with them.

Below is my photo-diary (not in chronological order) of these action-packed five days.
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